The Scooterpod, Fun and Funky Scooter storage


The Scooterpod™ is a unique and compact storage solution just for scooters! The fun and colourful innovation is ideal for nursery and primary schools, securing 10, 11, 12 or 24 scooters in different configurations! Like all Cyclepods’ products, the Scooterpod™ is manufactured in the UK and available in 100% recycled materials. The Scooterpod™; another space – saving, secure and eco-friendly design which doesn’t require foundations!

We have recently adapted the design of the original Scooterpod™ so linear segments are now available. Each segment of a round or linear Scooterpod™ holds 5 scooters, two linear segments can be placed side by side against a wall to give 11 spaces or back to back to give 10 scooters. Two round segments placed together give 12 scooter spaces, or you can combine the linear and round segments to create a SCOOTERPOD™ ISLAND which holds up to 24 scooters! 

All versions of the Scooterpod™ can be placed on a freestanding base to be put on grass or a soft surface, alternatively they are easy to bolt into a concrete or tarmac surface using the bolts supplied!

school scooter parking

school scooter parking