STARS Schools of the Region Announced

3 Nov 2015

In 2015, 347 schools nationally have achieved Modeshift STARS accreditation in recognition of their efforts to encourage their pupils to travel to school in greener, healthier and safer ways, and now the very best of those schools has been announced.

Over 200 people including teachers and pupils attended three regional awards events that were held during October. At those three events, six Schools of the Region were recognised for their outstanding achievements in increasing levels of sustainable and active travel.

From the East of England, Godmanchester Primary School from Cambridgeshire worked particularly hard to promote cycling to school which resulted in a 50% increase in numbers cycling from 20% to 31%. In the South West, Haydonleigh Primary School of Swindon are able to boast over 25% of pupils cycling or scooting to school. Meanwhile in the South East, St Bede Church of England Primary were the first school to achieve the Gold level of Modeshift STARS in Hampshire and have recently added sustainable travel to part of their School Improvement Plan meaning that they are committed to sustainable travel for the long term.

Further north, the Midlands School of the Region title went to St John’s (CE)A) Primary in Stoke where who have achieved a 21.3% reduction in car use over the last 3-years. For the North East, the Federation of Abbey Schools in Darlington took the award where the percentage of pupils travelling by car has fallen to 13.1% from 35.3% in 2011/12. Finally, the Yorkshire & The Humber Region award went to Rawdon Littlemoor Primary School of Leeds who have reduced the number of pupils travelling to school by car from 45.9% to 27.4% in just 2-years.

The six Schools of the Region will now be invited to a National Awards Event in March 2016 at which the National Awards Panel will decide upon the National School of the Year.

Ross Butcher, Chair of Modeshift, said, “The STARS scheme recognises schools that have demonstrated excellence in supporting cycling, walking and other forms of sustainable travel. The schools that have been recognised as Schools of the Region have achieved way beyond what is expected of them and as such, are able to demonstrate some incredible results. They are a shining example to all of us and prove that we really can make a difference to the journey to school”.


Further information:

Contact Nick Butler, National Modeshift STARS Manager,, 07494397201

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