Big Pedal 2016 Winners!

8 Jun 2016

For the last 6 years Cyclepods have sponsored the Sustrans Big Pedal by donating prizes to the winners. This year the Big Pedal changed it up a bit so that there were even more prizes to be won and a different school could win every day for each of the 10 days the Big Pedal was running.


Cyclepods offered the option of a Minipod, a Scooterpod Island or two Streetpods to the winners on the 2nd and 7th days of the competition. The winners were Warren Mead Primary School Petebrook Primary Schools who both opted for a blue and yellow Minipod as their prize!
Over 1,280 schools, with more than 400,000 pupils, across the UK have so far signed up to the annual inter-school competition which took place between 18th and 29th April. Run by charity Sustrans and funded by the BikeHub, the Big Pedal sees schools compete to see who can record the greatest number of pupils, staff and parents cycling and scooting to school. For more information on the Big Pedal visit –


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