Need to store bikes too, then look no further!


The Minipod™ is a Fun, colourful and compact cycle storage design which secures 8 bikes and 8 scooters. Available in a range of different colours, the Minipod™ is ideal for primary schools encouraging cycling and the children love them!


There are now over 2500 Minipods™ installed at schools across the UK!


The Minipod™ has been designed to fit 12”-26” wheels, so is specifically aimed at children up to 11 years of age; ideal for primary schools.


The Minipod™ can cater for the occasional teacher/adult bike with 26” wheels. At less than 1.5 meters in diameter, the Minipod™ not only saves space, but appeals to children by offering a colorful, innovative and playful design.


The Minipod™ is a sustainable product with a fully recycled model available (in black).We offer a selection of colour options all of which are 100% recyclable. Cyclepods Ltd who produce the Minipod are the only Carbon Neutral Cycle storage company in the UK!



Over 1200 UK schools now have Minipods™ installed! Encourage cycling in your school by ordering a Minipod™ today!

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