Little Green make a Rainbow with Scooterpods!

27 Apr 2015

Little Green School have added 9 new multi-coloured Scooterpods on bases to their school! Because they wanted to keep the school site as eco-friendly as possible, they opted to have the Scooterpods on bases and matting, so that no grassed areas would need to be tarmacced or concreted.

In time the grass will grow through these mats and they won’t even look like they are there, but they will stop the ground underneath from being churned up by scooters and shoes which makes the ground safer and the equipment less muddy and means that the scooterpods can be used all year round! And no problem with regards to maintenance, as they can easily be mowed over to keep them looking tidy.

Little Green Scooterpods1 Little Green Scooterpods2

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