Fun Scooter storage

– Why a choose Scooterpod?

– Space is a key issue and you need to maximise the limited area you have
– You don’t want to lay foundations or pay for expensive groundwork’s!
– You would like to reduce your carbon footprint using products made from recycled materials
– You feel that the design, and options in colour and finish, would enhance your environment

– Key Benefits

– Secures 10, 11, 12 or 24 Scooters in different configurations
– Can be halved and placed against a wall
– Requires no foundations, just a solid level floor
– Accommodates all types of scooters including “micro scooters”


school scooter parking

Scooterpod on the “free standing base”

The free standing base enables the Scooterpod to be stand by itself without the need for ground fixings! This means the product can be “put” out and taken” in” every day.

Half Scooterpod

Scooterpod halves

The Scooterpod is able to be installed in halves which helps utilise space.


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