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Please be aware that there has been a small increase in the price of Scooterpods of 10th April 2017. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this!



 We have adapted our Scooterpod design so you can now store more scooters! The linear Scooterpods can be placed against a wall to hold 11 spaces or put back to back to hold 10 scooters, or you can combine them with the original scooterpods to create a SCOOTERPOD ISLAND to hold 24 scooters!

 Montage linear

The Scooterpod™; another space-saving, secure and eco-friendly design which doesn’t require foundations!

The Scooterpod™ is a unique and compact storage solution just for scooters! The fun and colourful innovation is ideal for nursery and primary schools, securing up to 12 scooters! Like all Cyclepods’ products, the Scooterpod™ is manufactured in the UK and available in 100% recycled materials.

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